Sunday, August 3, 2008

The week from HELL!!

Ok....I think I'll give this a shot. I'll post more later with pics of the kids and letting you know how they are all doing.

Well, my week has just been spiffy-dang-doodle!! I work as an administrator for a facility that specializes in Alzheimer's disease. Generally I love it, but oh man! My week started off with an unexpected death. Of course it turned out she was the only resident that didn't have a copy of her DNR on file. So, the paramedics started CPR while her daughter yelled at them to stop, then the paramedics proceeded to yell at my staff and me.

Then, my corporate was stressing because of the vacancies. My marketing director quit, my nurse is leaving to go back to school.

So Tuesday rolls in, the daycare calls me to tell me Madison has lice. Oh joy! I have to leave work early the day before corporate rolls in. Oh, btw...the night before was Madison's "special extra super fun night", which meant we did hair and makeup, ate brownies and watched movies all in my bed. My head was starting to itch.

I leave work and decide I better make a phone call. I call Norman and tell him in an extra special sexy voice, "Honey....I bought you something special....." He replies quite happily,"Oh really, what would that be?" "Ummmm....lice shampoo?" He didn't seem so happy after that retort.

After Madison and I got home, we did the lice treatment to both of us...just in case. I basically fumigated the whole house. I eyeballed her new hamster thinking perhaps I should throw the little rat out since he probably gave it to her (he didn't). Our heads burned, it took 2 hours to comb out Maddy's hair, she cried. It fried her hair. I decided I needed to cut a couple inches off. Now.....I've never been real good at cutting straight, not my talent in life, but I gave it a shot. Norman wound up fixing it for me. I really felt like Sister Cranney at that point.....saying Oops, oops.

Wednesday, the lady from corporate came out to see how things were and help with my search for a marketing director. It turns out she really likes Jesus alot and likes to tell people about it at work and ask in interviews about peoples feelings about Jesus. I tried to steer the interviews differently, to no avail. Oh....and daycare called again to tell me that I didn't get ALL the lice. I called in a panic to my daughter Amanda to see if she could pick Madison up, she did a little reluctantly (worried about lice, I guess.) Then after work, I picked Madison up from Amanda (who was starting to feel her head itch) and went home and re-treated her hair.

Thursday, I finally hired a new marketing director, listened to the lady from corporate tell me how I needed to set more boundries and not take so much on. Then before she left she hugged me, held me and started praying over me (you know, the old style baptist praying?). Egads, I thought I was losing my mind. I saw her off to the airport gratefully. Headed home. Thursdays are my girls night. Manda and Ginger come over and we all spend the evening together. My brain was frazzled, but I thought I was still up for it. Well.....Ginger decided it was time to show she was turning 2, the terrible part of 2. She screamed, she yelled, she threw fits. I felt like smashing my head into a wall for a while there. But, Manda and I still watched So You think You Can Dance. Love that show. But, I was glad when it was time for them to leave.

Friday, my office manager started her 4 day vacation which meant I got to deal with deposits and vendors and phones.

I hate my job this week. was your week?