Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The recipes

Ok dear family,
Tis the season once again when I need to ask for the stinkin recipes that I keep losing. I need cheesecake, rolls, and turkey. HELLLLLLP!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008


This is our puppy, Bear. Unfortunately, he is a very smart, spazz-puppy. Which means he is a whirling dervish flying through the house chewing everything. Now, anyone who knows me knows I can be a little obsessive. If I tole paint, I want ALL the paints. If I crosstitch, I NEED every DMC floss known to man, quilting=4 boxes of fabric, etc. So.....I am going to train Bear. Which means I have to look everywhere and get advice from everyone. So, I have kenneled him. Did the treat thing, got "chewies" and toys, yelled alot....chased him around looking like a total moron while he appears to smile in mischievious glee. Even bought a chewie that you hide a treat in to keep him occupied (didn't work, he just looked at me like I was stupid.) Well, here is my new thing. Cecil "The Dog Whisperer". I am tivo-ing ALL his shows, watching avidly and I have decided he is a miracle worker and my hero. I am absolutely certain that if I just follow his words of wisdom I will have the best behaved dog EVER. Norman and my family laugh and mock me. We'll see who is right. I'll update you on my progress.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Well....It happened...they left.

What a stupid crappy day. I think I am going to go have myself a little pity party. We all went to Denny's for breakfast to see them off. Apparantly, we are a bit more emotional than Josh's side of the family. We would tell stories, laugh, then burst into tears.

I looked like a crazy woman doing the "snot" cry. Poor sweet Ginger tried to help her crying Grammy....she "fixed" my crying (balled her fists and rubbed them into my eyes). I will miss that little demon so bad.

I am grateful for Josh. He is such a sweet gentle man and a wonderful husband, father and son. I know he will take great care of his family. He has always wanted to travel and this is a great opportunity for him to do so.

Manda came over last night all by herself for some mommy time. We just kept watching another and another show just to avoid her leaving. I think I will be lost for a little while without her. She is such a dear, wonderful daughter and friend. She loves her mom and is so good to me.

I feel like a part of my heart is gone. When Erin left it wasnt so bad because I knew she would come back home. This time though it really sucks. I know that parents are supposed to let their children go on their path in life and support them through it. However, I want to scream at them to come back. I want to protect and take care of them. I don't like this letting go crap. I hope this gets easier with time.

I remember Manda as a little feisty thing. Throwing Ginormous temper tantrums, giving me the "finger" (used the wrong finger though), rocking the sassy curls. Now she is all grown up with a family of her own. She's beautiful a great mother, much better than I was. She is so kind, yet still with a sassy streak to her. She has the best laugh ever, she throws her head back and lets loose completely. (think Disneyland). How lucky am I to have her?

I hope their flight goes well. I, on the other hand, am going to go cry for a bit I think.