Monday, December 29, 2008

EEK! She's being induced

Hey all,
Just a quickie post. Manda just got to the hospital where they are inducing her. I guess the baby isn't growing as much as they want, and they are worried, so they are plucking the little tater tot before getting fully cooked. She's a little worried, I'm a littled worried. They expect the baby (I call her Chloe or Zoe, hoping Manda listens) to be in NICU for a tad bit. Please keep them both in your prayers.
Love you all!


Ginger said...

Congrats! Amanda just emailed Dad a picture. Both she and Zoey look great! Have fun in VA.

Mike, Suzann and Family said...

From the sounds of Mom's comment...Sounds like Congratulations are in order. Sounds like things are going well. You were/are all in our thoughts and prayers. Glad to hear all is well.


I am so glad that all went well. It sounds like her doc was a little neurotic. Zoe looks perfect and beautiful. At least, that was a tiny baby to have to push out!

Shelli said...

Congratulations, Gramma! They both look beautiful. What a good guy she has! They all look so happy. That's a fun little family they have.