Monday, October 27, 2008

Update on my family

Ok, was gonna do this a while ago. Couldn't find pics, am a trainwreck at blogging, and tend to procrastinate. Anyway, since I am home sick. Thought I would finally update you on my family and how we are all doing. Here ya go!

Here is me, Norman and Madison. I am doing OK at my new job, definitely keeping me hopping. It's crazy to try and track and care for 102 elderly people with varying needs. For some reason I love it though. Norman is retired Coast Guard (he did drug interdiction on the boats), now he works in collections. He is crazy about salt water fish (yes we have Nemo) and also his 68 silver Mustang. We go to car shows and hang out with our car club people. Madison is in the 2nd grade. A very smart girl. Unfortunately, she also has the Proffitt gene of talking too much...surprise! Yet can still make great grades. She is for the most part, gentle kind and easy to get along with. Says some of the most bizarre, grown up things.

Here is Josh, Manda and Ginger. Josh is still working at Micron. They are moving to Virginia in 3 weeks (my heart is breaking). But, I don't blame them. Josh has always wanted to travel and it's a great opportunity. Manda is a stay at home mom, preggers again, due in January, can be evil if you touch the food she craves. I've been very lucky to have so much time with her. I'll be lost not having them around. Ginger is 2....ICK! Has really hit the terrible 2's. She flounces around with her hands on hips arguing, yes arguing with me. She also knows where I hide the binkies. And like all my grandkids, for some reason Grammy's bed is the place to be.

Here is Matt, Desi, Katelyn and Kaden. Matt and Desi are doing awesome. She's a waitress, pays better than most jobs, and with her wicked sense of humor she totally rocks as a waitress. Matt is working construction. I THINK....hint, hint....that they are thinking about adding to their family right now. That would totally work for me. I am a selfish grammy and could always do with another baby. Katelyn is in first grade, very smart little girl....definitely a girly girl. Kaden is in pre-school. Sadly, he no longer runs up to me screaming my name and wanting kisses all over. I hate it when they become big boys. He is definitely a daddy's boy. Worships Matt.

This is Erin and Alex. Erin just moved back home from Colorado. She is going back to work as a CNA at her old facility. She is really good at what she does and someday I hope she'll follow in my footsteps and become a nurse.....she definitely has the personality and knack for it. Alex is 3, FINALLY out of his terribe 2's (about time). He is such a little love. He is totally into cars, trucks or anything that is all boy. He's shy sometimes.


Vidal's Nest said...

I love seeing the pictures of everyone! Erin's back? That was quick Ü
I love Matt's smile. I think he has the sweetest smile! makes him look kind. Is that weird that I always think that when I see a pic of him? i am so glad to hear that they are doing well. Desi has such a outgoing personality that I can totally see her making the bucks!
and...finally some pics and info on Norman! We've been waiting! We gotta scope him out! Norman~beware..we are scarier than anything you will see this Halloween!
OK, one more thing..Madison is so big! Wow when did that happen?

Ginger said...

It was fun seeing and hearing about everyone. I know it is going to be hard when Amanda leaves. I am glad the others are still there to keep you company. Keep blogging, we love it.

Shelli said...

I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing how everyone is doing. It is wonderful to hear about everyone.

I know it will be horrible when Amanda leaves -- she loves your weekly get togethers. But, c'mon, let's face it -- you've been spoiled for a long time! Kyara's leaving for college next fall, and she'll only be 18.

When did we grow up, anyway?


The pictures are so fun. What a great little family you have! Except, I guess it is not so little anymore. We are excited that Amanda will be moving out here. It is hard to be so far from family but we love it. Hopefully she will too. We will take good care of her.